Our Mission

At We Did It! we believe that children are our future. Targeting quality care for low income families and those with special needs, our mission is to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment that encourages young people to learn new skills while exposing them to new and unique opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment where kids call their own.


We Did It! School-Age Care Society has been established in 2012 to tackle quality and financial barriers within the childcare system. Barriers that can often lead to poverty and other life stresses.

We are currently in the preliminary stages of implementing programming that would promote integration and inclusion for everyone while fostering the needs of children who reside in single parent and low-income households, as well as those with special needs. Further assisting families in helping them allocate the majority of their income away from childcare while providing children with opportunities that they may not otherwise get to experience due to the lack of availability (especially for those with special needs), as well as the high cost of childcare.

Our objective is to implement a more traditional approach to learning by incorporating innovative and educational activities within our programming. Activities that can be found in our school-age program which targets children between the ages of 7-12, as well as our adolescent workshops that feature opportunities for children as young as seven and as old as eighteen.

By implementing affordable options that target children who reside in single parent and low-income households, as well as those with special needs, we envision a place where everyone can reach their full potential in a space where they can call their own. Where dreams and inspirations are captured, and where lifelong friendships are made in an inclusive, innovative and educational environment where children can learn together, laugh together, and grow, together…

Our Image

Our name was established as “We Did It” after recognizing this common phrase that parents often say to their children after they have accomplished something with them.

Our logo features three prime colors that represent our comfort zones. The yellow stands for things we do everyday such as comb our hair or brush our teeth. The blue represents a possible risk, but something that one is able to try. The red represents a leap of faith often seen as an act of doing prior to receiving any form of training or prior knowledge. It was produced in 2012 under the trademark of We Did It! School-Age Care Society.

We have incorporated our challenge by choice model into our logo to encourage the children, staff, and partners that we work with to escape their comfort zones by engaging in new opportunities after acquiring the proper knowledge about them.

We are a proud to serve the greater community as a registered children’s charity.